Vision Statement
“ Unlocking Your Child’s Potential Beyond Education ”

Our preschool is established based on the notion that academic excellence

is not the only determinant of a child’s success in reaching his or her
potential. Early development is fundamental to the growth of a child, hence
we strive to create The Parenthood to be a place to learn, grow, share
and succeed.


The mission of The Parenthood is to introduce your young child to formal
learning by building a foundation of knowledge and skills within a nurturing
environment that promotes self-confidence, encourages love of learning and
celebrates the uniqueness of each child.

Gain Independence

Children are encouraged to have-a-go, take initiative and become increasingly
independent in order to develop self-esteem and social competence. It is
important that children develop a sense of trust and are comfortable in their

Develop Lifelong Learning Skills

Communication and social skills are vital for children to effectively understand
and express thoughts, feelings and information; all of which are building blocks of
learning. Children will be engaged in speaking and listening activities and group
discussions to foster the development of language and confidence while interacting
with others. Children are also encouraged to develop their leadership skills as well
as team-building skills. We encourage our young learners to continuously improve
their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to maintain a positive growth
mindset. Children are encouraged to use mistakes as learning points to develop
resilience and self-improvement.