Why choose The Parenthood Preschool?
Our Learning Environment

What sets us  apart

We believe that children learn best when they are in a safe, caring and fun environment that motivates them to explore, take risks and gain rich, challenging experiences. We have high expectations of our young learners and we understand how children need personalised learning activities in order to make progress, thrive and achieve their fullest potential.


At The Parenthood Preschool, we believe in catering to children’s Multiple Intelligences, as ascribed by Howard Garner. We provide challenging and differentiated activities that support the seven areas of a child’s intelligences. They include: Verbal/Linguistic, Logical/Mathematical, Musical, Visual/        Spatial/Body/Kinaesthetic, Interpersonally and Intrapersonal. Our multi-sensory programme has been carefully tailored to meet the specific needs of young children with developmentally appropriate themes and activities to spark a child’s natural curiosity, interest and enthusiasm.

We believe we have created a warm, inviting and well equipped environment where your child can happily play and learn at his or her own pace.

Small personalised classes make The Parenthood Preschool a great place to play, grow and learn. We maintain a low student to adult ratio, hence ensuring that individual attention is provided to each child.

Our approach is to foster a love of learning, problem-solving, experimentation and inquisitiveness to provide a solid foundation for your child’s future.